Oct 16
Discover the diverse world of pollinators with an extended festival week in November

16 OCTOBER 2023: Australian Pollinator Week starts next month and this year it’s all about understanding pollinator diversity. Many people know about the important role honey bees play in pollinating crops, but there are many more unsung heroes of pollination including beetles, flies, butterflies, moths and native bees, creatures whose contribution is often overlooked. A […]

Nov 12
It’s census time for Australian pollinators, but they need your help

12 NOVEMBER 2022: The inaugural Australian Pollinator Count will be held during Australian Pollinator Week this month, and community members across the country are being encouraged to take part. The Australian Pollinator Count is being launched with funding from Wheen Bee Foundation, and is supported by Count partners Earthwatch Australia, Australian Native Bee Association and […]

Nov 09
How to be an insect: the unsung human pollinators of Saving our Species

9 NOVEMBER 2021: Not many people can say they’ve spent a day doing an insect’s work, but that’s exactly what Threatened Species Officers from the Saving our Species (SoS) program do by hand-pollinating threatened native orchids to help ensure their survival in the wild. One of the main reasons they use hand pollination is because many […]

Oct 28
Celebrate our diverse pollinators with an extended week of action

28 OCTOBER 2021: Australian Pollinator Week launches next month and according to founder and native bee specialist Dr Megan Halcroft, it’s perfect timing. “For so many people, they’ve been at home with nothing else to do but be out in their backyards gardening,” Dr Halcroft says. “They’ve been adding more plants to their gardens and, […]

Sep 23
New look for Australian Pollinator Week Unveiled

23 SEPTEMBER 2019: The Australian Pollinator Week online platform went live today, following a three-month program rebrand. With the goal of growing pollinator awareness and outreach activities across Australia, the event platform boasts a fresh new image for Australian Pollinator Week. “We wanted to develop a clean new look with a simple logo that could […]