Australian Pollinator Count


Thank you for being part of the Australian Pollinator Count, which is engaging citizen scientists across Australia to help researchers better understand the plight of Australia’s insect pollinators.

Why do a Pollinator Count?

The Australian Pollinator Count will provide important data for researchers and scientists to improve their understanding of the changes in insect abundance and diversity nationally and over time.

The Count also provides everyday “citizen scientists” the chance to take part in this important research project, and to learn more about the amazing diversity of the insect pollinators in their area, and the important role they play in maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem health.

There’s even the chance that you might discover a new species!

To begin, please be sure you have completed our learning quiz which will take you to your personal Pollinator Count entry form. You only need to complete the quiz once, but you can enter as many Pollinator Count entries as you want.

Have fun.

Note: You can do the Count for fun but your data will NOT used for scientific research unless you complete the quiz above with a pass rate of 80%.

The counts have now finished.

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This is the location of where you're doing the count, not your personal address.