Australian Pollinator Count

It’s census time for Australian pollinators, and they need your help.

The Australian Pollinator Count is taking place during Australian Pollinator Week, from 9-17  November.

Taking part is quick and easy. You simply need to observe some flowers for 10 minutes, record the pollinators you see and register your results.

Follow the three step process below to get started.

  1. Learn
  2. Test
  3. Count

How to take part

Learning Guides

We have designed a simple and fun pathway to guide you through the ‘ABC’ of insect ID.

If you are a beginner or a novice, we suggest you start by reviewing the downloadable Learner Guide, or watching the Learner Guide video. These Guides will help you develop all the identification skills you need to become a citizen scientist and join the Australian Pollinator Count.

Once you have reviewed your preferred Learner Guide, complete the quick quiz. If you achieve less than 80% in the quiz, we recommend you go back and review the Learner Guide once more.

Once you achieve 80% or more, you will receive the Australian Pollinator Count Upload link.

Make your Count (online)

Once you have achieved a ‘pass’ rate of 80% on the quiz above, you are then eligible to proceed to the online count. A link will be provided with your results. Only use the “Count” button here if you have attained an 80%+ quiz result and are now submitting additional counts.

You can do the Count for fun but your data will NOT used for scientific research unless you complete the quiz above with a pass rate of 80% BEFORE you start your count.

Make your Count (paper / offline form)

The Offline form is ideal for practicing, or for when you don’t have access to a mobile phone or reception. You will still need to complete the online quiz and achieve 80% or higher BEFORE you start your Count for your data to be included.

To upload your data from your paper offline form, use the Offline Count link to submit your data.